About CHF
First-Time Visitor

We can tell you what makes the Center for Health and Fitness (CHF) special—and you can read it below—but there's no better way to learn about everything CHF has to offer than to try it for yourself. Start experiencing what it's like to belong.

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Why You Should Visit CHF

The Experience
You're interested in a fitness center because you want to feel great, be healthier and live a better life. Do it at CHF and you'll feel like you belong on day one. CHF has members of every age, body type and fitness level, so there's no intimidating atmosphere to deal with. Just a friendly community of members who are creating a healthier life for themselves.

Simply put, CHF offers more than any other fitness center in the South Bay. That means more group exercise, yoga and Pilates class options for you to choose from—more than 150 classes a week—to help you stay motivated and achieving your goals.

Call up other fitness centers and ask them for their rate. Most will ask that you speak with a salesperson, where you'll have to negotiate to get their best rate. But at CHF you'll always find straight-forward pricing and hassle-free staff. 

We hold ourselves to a higher standard at CHF. Every trainer has earned a college degree in a health-related discipline, with certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association, among others. And front desk and administrative staff are here to help make your experience as pleasant as possible.

You'll almost never need to wait for a piece of equipment at CHF. That's because members visit throughout the day, not just at traditional peak times, so you can get your workout done in less time, with less frustration.

Experience what it's like to walk into a dirt-free, fresh smelling, well-maintained facility. Sanitizing spray and towels are located throughout the facility, and members are great about wiping down equipment when they're finished.