About CHF
Center for Health & Fitness Reopening

With the newest Health Officer Order from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) will be making the following changes:

We can't wait to see everyone back in person in the near future!

All members coming to CHF in person will be required to fill out a COVID-19 code of conduct. If you would like to fill yours out ahead of time and bring it with you, click HERE. You only need to fill this out once. 


We’d like to remind everyone of the importance of physical activity, good health, and nutrition in maintaining your overall health and supporting your immune system whether it be inside or outside CHF. We are committed to following all local guidelines in order to keep our doors open to all our members because we believe providing a space for the development of your physical and mental well-being is an essential service.

With the newest Health Officer Order from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) will be making the following changes:

Effective at CHF:

Mask Requirements:

  • Masks are optional, but not required for all CHF members and employees 
  • For members who are not fully vaccinated or whose vaccination status is unknown: You will no longer be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entry to CHF
  • Masks will be available at the front desk if you would like one

All members, visitors and staff will be required to wear a mask in public spaces within the building (building lobby, elevators, stairwell) since the 514 building has several health care tenants and Silverado (long-term care facility). Fully vaccinated members may only remove their mask after entering CHF.

These Facilities are Now Open:

  • Showers: however members will need to bring their own towels
  • CHF Stairwell
  • Water Fountains & Lockers: Have been reopened and are available for use. Please provide your own lock

FAQ About Reopening CHF

Reserve time to work out on the indoor gym floor exercise equipment. Members can register online for one-hour time slots up to 7 days in advance. Learn how to setup your account HERE.
Outdoor classes are no longer available and these classes will be moved indoors due to the new Health Officer Order.
How can I make an appointment to exercise on the gym floor or participate in a class?
We will be using a new online reservation system for all indoor gym floor exercise equipment appointments and outdoor classes.
What will CHF's hours be?
To allow ample time for cleaning, our new hours will be:
Monday - Friday 6:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
What programs will be offered in person?
  • Personal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Massage
  • Private Pilates
  • Indoor Workout Equipment Reservations 
  • Indoor Classes 
  • Prehab
What capacity will CHF be limited to?
  • Gym Capacity Limits: There will be no capacity limits in the main gym area
  • Class Capacity Limits: Will remain in place and posted in the MindBody reservation system
  • Distancing: 6 ft. distancing will be implemented in classrooms
  • Reservation System: Members should continue to make appointments through the MindBody scheduling system 
Where do I enter CHF?
To protect the safety of residents at Silverado, members are not allowed to enter or exit via the front sliding doors of the building lobby. Members hould use the elevators across from the cafe in the long hallway to enter CHF. There will be arrows directing you.
Where do I exit CHF?
You will exit using the elevators in the CHF hallway by the manager offices, left of the front desk. You must then exit on the first floor by the cafe. To protect the safety of residents at Silverado, members are not allowed to enter or exit via the front sliding doors. There will be arrows directing you.
What is the new membership and drop-in fee structure and what does it include?
Basic Membership
Beginning Saturday May 1, the Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) Basic Membership fee will increase $5 per month and will include:
As an example, if you used to pay $44/month for basic membership, you would now pay $49/month.
  • Auto billing will be reinstated beginning May 2 ONLY if you opt to re-start your membership
  • If you have a credit on your account, it will be applied before billing resumes
Please note that the cost of services is not being increased (Small Group Training, Personal Training, Massage, Private Pilates).
We strive to provide you with great value and hope the new services available to you will enable you to safely stay active in a variety of ways. This new fee structure is also necessary at this time to cover rising operational and staffing costs to ensure unrivaled cleanliness at CHF. Our rates are very competitive, and it’s important to us that we continue providing excellent services.
If you cannot afford this membership, please contact our Membership Services Team, at 310-374-3426 and press option 3. You may qualify for reduced fees.

If you opt to keep your membership frozen and pay per visit, each visit will be $10 beginning May 1. Payment will be taken in-person at the front desk.
Virtual Class Membership will continue to be available for $35/month.
Silver Membership
Those who qualify will still have access to free or reduced rate memberships. Make sure to make an appointment and swipe in each time you visit. Check your eligibility HERE.
Unlimited Membership
Will you still be offering virtual classes and workouts?
Yes! We will continue to offer our virtual exercise classes, Small Group Training and Personal Training. Learn more at www.beachcitiesgym.org/virtualgroupexercise.
What safety measures is CHF taking?
  • Members will also be required to sign a new code of conduct to ensure the safety of all members and staff. 
  • Physical distancing stickers have been installed around the facility, along with hand sanitizer stations, gym wipes, and plexi glass between members and staff at check in.
  • All machines are available. Cardio guards, which offer a divider between workout machines, are in place.
  • CHF will utilize cleaning products that kill the COVID-19 virus. Staff will clean all equipment after each use. In addition, an outside cleaning company will clean every hour CHF is open, as well as before CHF opens and after it closes. Members are also asked to wipe down machines after use.
  • Members will be required to bring their own towels.
  • An air purifier is located in the massage room and new filters have been installed in the HVAC system throughout the facility.
  • Restrooms continue to be open
  • CHF staff will arrange for proper PPE disposal for any protective gear worn by employees.
  • We continue to follow the Medical Fitness Association guidelines under our certification as a Medical Fitness Facility as well as the guidelines set by the L.A. County Department of Public Health. We are also under the guidance of Beach Cities Health District Chief Medical Advisor Dr. William Kim.
Does Beach Cities Health District and the Center for Health & Fitness recommend I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I am eligible?
The Beach Cities Health District Medical Advisory Committee strongly recommends residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine that has been authorized by the FDA when it becomes available to them. Getting the vaccine is voluntary, although vaccines are an important public health measure to protect the health of not only yourself, but of your community.