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Olympic Swipe Challenge

Go for the Gold and participate in our Olympic Swipe Challenge!
Olympic Swipe Challenge: May 1-31

The goal of this challenge is to come to CHF, swipe-in at the front desk  and log your activities for the day! Each time you visit CHF you will complete an entry sheet. Fill out your name, date, and circle the activity or activities that you will be completing for the day. Then place your entry sheet into our challenge box (located in our lobby). One entry per day will be accepted The challenge runs May 1-31.

Bronze: 360–480 points

Silver: 481–600 points
Gold: 600+ points

Swipe-In at the CHF front desk and earn 20 points. Complete any of the following activities and earn 10 additional points:

• Classes (Group Exercise, Small Group Training, Yoga and Pilates)
• Cardio Machines
• Floor Weights

Point achievers in each category will be entered into a raffle for a prize! (3 prizes total – Gold, Silver and Bronze).
BONUS POINTS: Olympic Torch Scavenger Hunt
Each week located somewhere around the facility, if you find the Olympic torch you will receive 25 additional points each week! Once the Olympic torch is found, inform the front desk and tell them the location of the torch and log your finding on your entry sheet. PLEASE DO NOT remove the torch from its hiding spot. Location of the torch will change each week. The bonus points for finding the torch can only be claimed once per hiding location.